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Thermoformed positive scoliosis correction corset milled after scan of the patient's body

The advantages of 3D scanning :

The purpose of this device is to acquire a three-dimensional image of a part of the body, thanks to a 3D digital scan.

Unlike the traditional band-band casting, the capture is painless, quick and clean.

The degree of precision of the scan brings more precision in the realization, the devices are therefore more suitable and consequently more comfortable and discreet.

The development of a specific scanning protocol, combined with modern medical imaging, increases the accuracy of treatments. The storage of these digital data provides three-dimensional monitoring of the patient's progress, throughout his medical care.

Scoliosis :

Scoliosis is a complex deformity of the spine in three planes of space. The spine curves to the right or to the left, but the vertebrae also rotate horizontally to the right or to the left, causing the various segments of the spine to rotate. This thus creates gibbosities, which are one of the characteristic signs of scoliosis.

The thoracic kyphosis - lumbar scoliosis balance in the sagittal plane is also affected.

Scoliosis can be of the idiopathic type (with no known cause), of the neurological type (BMI), or of the neuromuscular type (myopathy).

They can appear at birth, in infancy, or in the prepubertal period. They mainly affect girls, who represent around 80 to 90% of cases.

70% of scoliosis are idiopathic, and 10 to 15% of scoliosis detected go to worsening.

The problem of scoliosis must be taken seriously, especially in adolescence, because during the peak of growth, the curvatures can deteriorate quickly, causing later repercussions in adult life, with sometimes disabling consequences.

Severe scoliosis causes deformation of the vertebrae in the concavity of the curvatures, pinching of the intervertebral discs, as well as a decrease in breathing capacity.

Experience has shown that physiotherapy treatments are not sufficient to stop the progression of scoliosis with curvatures exceeding 15 to 20 degrees.

For mechanical and static reasons, a curvature of more than 25 degrees tends to naturally self-aggravate.

For more than 60 years, orthopedic brace treatment has been proven to work in most cases of 20 to 45 degree curvatures. This of course as long as the wearing of the corset is respected.

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