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1) Remove the sleeve, turn it over, and wash it with hot water and neutral pH soap.

2) Rinse the sleeve thoroughly under hot water! This step is just as important as washing, as any residual soap left in the liner can irritate the skin.

3) After the sleeve is washed and rinsed thoroughly, wipe it on both sides with a clean, dry, lint-free towel.

4) Take the opportunity to check the sleeve for signs of wear. Any damage can reduce the effectiveness of the sleeve and should therefore be reported to us immediately. (Do not wait until the last moment to let us know because a sleeve renewal requires a request for support, so remember to take the initiative before your sleeve is completely worn out).

If the sleeve is used improperly, you may experience a loss of suspension.

5) The sleeve can be used directly after washing and does not need to sit overnight to dry. After washing, you should return the sleeve to its normal position, either with the distal clip facing outward. You can hang the sleeve up to keep it clean and airy. You can do this on a towel holder.


It is essential to have an irreproachable hygiene of your stump and your sleeve in order to limit any inconvenience which could generate a bad state of your stump and a fortiori a bad wearing of your prosthesis. It is recommended to wash your stump and your sleeve every day (a neutral pH soap such as intimate gels will suffice). Here are some tips that will make your sleeves easier to use and last:

1) To put on the sleeve, turn it over.

Make sure the inside of the sleeve is clean, dry, and free of any objects that may irritate your skin.

2) After having uncovered the distal part as much as possible, place it against the stump and check that there is no air pocket.

To make sure that no air remains in the sleeve, turn it over so that it forms a saucer rather than a bowl before resting it on the end of the stump.

3) Roll the sleeve along the limb, being careful not to damage it with your fingernails. Don't shoot it.

4) If you are using a sleeve without a textile coating, a lubricant can be used to facilitate the fitting.

Spray the outside of the sleeve with lubricant, turn the sleeve over and roll it along the limb. Wipe off any excess lubricant.

Source: Pommier Orthopédie

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